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National Museum of History has one director-general, one deputy director, and one executive secretary, managing 5 divisions and 3 offices, including Division of Research, Division of Exhibition, Division of Collection, Division of Education and Extension and Division of Creativity and Marketing, as well as Personnel Office, Accounting Office, and Personnel Office.

Exhibition Division

Exhibition Division coordinates all kinds of programmes and periodic exhibitions of art, including painting, design, ceramics, sculpture and so on.

Research Division

The main responsibilities of the Research Division include the research and investigation of historical artifacts and works of art, and the publication of research results.

Collection and Preservation Division

The Collection and Preservation Division is in charge of collecting, registering, managing and preserving the museum’s historical artifacts.

Education Division

The main tasks of the Education Division include planning of study activities, inviting scholars and experts to give lectures related to historical artifacts, organizing both general and specific parent-child educational events and study workshops.

Creativity and Marketing Division

This division is responsible for promoting our value-added cultural creativity through collaboration, brand licensing and marketing in order to achieve our mission under the national policy of the development of the cultural industry.