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Full Price NTD80
For general public.

Discounted Tickets NTD40
For children ages six to twelve, students (with a valid student ID or admission notice), seniors ages sixty-five and over (on holidays), and groups of ten or more.

Free Admission
1.    For seniors ages sixty-five and over (on weekdays).
2.    For children under six years old.
3.    For individuals with disabilities and an accompanying person.
4.    For volunteers with a volunteer service honor card .
5.    For members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).
6.    For holders of the Chinese Association of Museums membership card.

Free Admission Days
1.    April 4th - Children’s Day: For children ages twelve and under nationwide (including an accompanying person).
2.    May 18th - International Museum Day.
3.    October 10th - National Day.
4.    October 17th - Taiwan Culture Day.

If it coincides with the museum’s regular closed day, there will be no admission.

I.    Individuals holding discounted tickets or qualifying for free admission at the National Museum of History must present relevant proof for verification before entering.

II.    Before purchasing tickets, please pay attention to announcements from the National Museum of History regarding discounts, free admission criteria, discount methods, exhibition changes, event cancellations, or venue closures. Once tickets are sold and used, no requests for refunds or exchanges will be entertained.

III.    Regular exhibition tickets are considered non-transferable securities. If tickets are lost, damaged, burned, torn, or otherwise unidentifiable, replacements or refunds will not be issued.

IV.    For tickets not purchased on-site at the museum, if unused, please visit the original purchase channel for refunds or exchanges.

V.    Procedures for refunding and exchanging regular exhibition tickets at the museum:

(I)    In-person refund/exchange at the museum ticket service counter: Limited to physical tickets purchased on-site and unused.

1. On-site refund/exchange: Visitors should bring the original ticket to the ticket service counter during the museum’s operating hours on open days for refunds or exchanges.
2. Mail-in refund: Please mail the original ticket and the refund application form (Attachment 1, for mailing) to the museum. No handling fees will be charged. If a bank transfer is used for refunds, any transfer fees must be borne by the applicant if the account is not with Bank of Taiwan.
3. In the event of the museum’s internet disconnection or power outage, for those who purchased tickets with EasyCard or credit card, cash refunds will be provided. For those who used mobile payments to enter, the refund will follow the original payment method. If there is no internet connection and power is restored before leaving the museum, cash refunds will be given, and an on-site refund application form must be completed.

(II)    Refunding tickets through the museum’s online ticketing website:

1. For online tickets purchased on the website and unused, refunds can only be processed online, and the ticket price will be refunded with no handling fee.
2. As the online ticketing website does not have a modification function for orders, if you need to change the number of people or the reservation date, please refund the ticket and rebook. 
3. Online tickets are valid only within thirty days of purchase. Unused online tickets must be refunded on the order page or at the museum ticket service counter.
4. Group reservation tickets purchased online must be refunded before entry. 

VI.    The museum reserves the right to deny refunds or exchanges if the guidelines are not followed or if the attached documents are incomplete. 

VII.    The museum reserves the right to accept ticket refunds or exchanges at any time in the event of natural disasters (such as typhoon-related closures, etc.) or uncontrollable factors (such as power outages affecting exhibitions), which may impact visitors’ viewing rights.

VIII.    Using old version tickets to enter the museum may require additional payment if there is a price difference compared to current tickets. 

IX.    The museum reserves the right to amend these guidelines at any time. All regulations will be based on the announcements on the museum’s official website at the time of ticket purchase and refund/exchange.

X.    For inquiries regarding ticket purchase and refund/exchange matters, please contact the museum service counter.