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Tri-colour Lokapala figure

  • Tri-colour  Lokapala  figure
    Tri-colour Lokapala figure
    Number: h0000054
    Level: significant antiquities
    Size: Height:111cm
  • One of the typical burial objects of the Tang Dynasty, Lokapala, with its fierce posture, is the protector of tombs. This particular lokapala figure steps on a dwarf ghost with a green horn, telling the world that he conquers all evil. The armor of the lokapala basically derives from that of Tang military officials, with a set of breast armor, shoulder and knee protection, as well as a winged helmet. The tricolor glazes, with their low melting temperatures, tend to flow and blur the complexion. The face of tricolor figures therefore, is usually unglazed, highlighting the fierce face of this tomb protector.