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“2021: Chinese Artists Turn 100” website now online

  • UpdateTime:2021-06-03

Faced with the challenges wrought by COVID-19, exhibition quality worldwide has been greatly affected. Yet the National Museum of History (NMH) vowed to maintain public access to its cultural resources. It has been upholding this principle ever since by keeping the gates of its online museum wide open. Last year, NMH launched the “2020: Chinese Artists Turn 100” website to introduce Chinese artists who were born in 1921 and turned 100 in 2020. This year, the museum has launched another site, covering artists who were born in 1922 and will celebrate their 100th birthday in 2021.

This website introduces 24 centenarian artists, starting from the creators of works in the NMH collection or artists who have exhibited in the museum, then gradually extending to those who have made breakthroughs in the Taiwanese art world or even expanded their reach beyond its borders. The “Treasures of the NMH Collection” section focuses on eight leading figures in different specialized art fields with works in the NMH collection. These artists all produced works using distinct materials and media to provoke the audience's aesthetic sense. Through this website, NMH aims to introduce the creative styles and achievements of Chinese artists who have achieved the centennial milestone; the other aim is to provide a virtual platform for art lovers to enjoy the beauty of art and stay safely at home.