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Information Desk
Information Desk
1.   Visitor inquiries: Visitors may approach the information desk for information at any time during museum hours.
2.   Temporary lockers: Visitors may avail themselves of the free storage lockers to store bags and other personal effects.
3.   Rudimentary first-aid: The information desk is equipped with first-aid kits to attend to the minor injuries or emergencies of visitors.
4.   Other services: The desk has wheelchairs, walking sticks, umbrellas, prams, and magnifying lenses for loan to museum visitors. The desk also provides information on related cultural establishments.

Nursing Section for Mothers
Nursing Section for Mothers
In realization of employment equality, the NMH has especially dedicated a nursing section for mothers on the third floor of the museum. The nursing section is equipped with sofas, a refrigerator, cold and hot water fountain, and a diaper changing platform to provide mothers with a safe and comfortable place to nurse their babies. This section is open for the convenience of visitors with infants. In a manifestation of our respect for motherhood and the role of women, the NMH has unhesitatingly responded to the call for a society of gender equality.
Services to Persons with Disabilities
Services to Persons with Disabilities



The NMH main entrance has a special pathway and designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities.



You may request a wheelchair at the first floor Information Desk.



The elevator is equipped with an elevator service button for individuals with disabilities. Moreover, all floor level push buttons are labeled with Braille numbers for visually impaired passengers.



The special rest room equipped with facilities for visually impaired persons and a nursing care space for mothers is located on the fourth floor.

Cultural Services Center
Cultural Services Center
In the spirit of public service and art and artifacts promotion, the NMH has set up the Cultural Services Center on the first floor of the museum. The Center contains NMH publications, as well as reproductions of famous artifacts. The NMH has also opened cultural services centers in the duty-free sections of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport. This endeavor aims to cultivate our national image, to promote the popularization and availability of artifacts, and to foster cultural promotion efforts and services.
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