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Highlights of NMH Collection
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Address:3rd. Floor
Full-price ticket NT$30/ Half-price ticket NT$15
Sponsor:The National Museum of History
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National Museum of History was founded on December 4, 1955. The first national museum in Taiwan since 1949. NMH collection grows to today’s more than sixty thousand pieces. Among them, Ministry of Culture designates 5 artifacts as National Treasures and 42 as Important Ancient Artifacts. The NMH collection is rich in diversity, covering archeological findings of bronze and jade artifacts from Henan, tri-color pottery from Luoyang area, coins and ingots of various dynasties, and modern and contemporary paintings. This exhibition presents the highlights from NMH collection, illustrates the life, the wisdom, and the worldview of ancient Chinese people, and shares with the audience the beauty of Chinese culture.

Gallery of Highlights of NMH Collection on the third floor is closed from October 31 for Museum renovation project.

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    Full-price ticket NT$30
    Half-price ticket NT$15