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On aura tout vu: SensationS
2017.07.14 - 2017.10.15
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France leads the trend of fashion all over the world and its fashion are closely connected to its design industry. The application of lace in Europe started in 16th century. After the Industrial Revolution, the loom replaced human as the primary mode of production of lace. Derived from a technique invented in England in 19th century, today lace woven on Leavers looms is primarily produced in Northern France. Calais became famous for lace woven on looms. Today, a large amount of lace of Calais sells to all over the world and becomes the first priority of international brand.
On aura tout vu: SensationS is originated from the exhibition in the Museum of Lace and Fashion of Calais, France from June 14 to December 31, 2014. The themes of the exhibition combines human’s seven senses, including visual, auditory, olfactory, gustative, tactile, paradoxical, and sublime sensations. Through the interpretation of fabric, the exhibition connects fashion design, the avant-garde and cultural industry altogether in clothing, accessories and jewelry. It provides the audience with abundant and diverse sensory experience. This exhibition in Taiwan will be the first stop of world tour for on aura tout vu: SensationS.
In order to promote the cultural exchange between Taiwan and France, the Ministry of Culture not only promotes this exhibition but also plans “Mode in Taiwan” in the Museum of Lace and Fashion of Calais, France from January 27 to April 23, 2017. It features Taiwanese fashion aesthetic. Through works of three Taiwanese avant-garde designers, namely APUJAN, Shao-Yen CHEN, Mei-Hui LIU, that exhibition presents the techniques and artistic approaches of Taiwanese design culture.
I am indebted to Mrs. Kamitsis for her professional curatorship and the couture house on aura tout vu for the loan of collection. The exhibition is made possible due to the efforts and close cooperation of city of Calais and the Museum of Lace and Fashion of Calais, France for their support.
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